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What is Freifunk?

Freifunk is a decentralized free WiFi network that mainly connects computers and mobile devices - and with a connection to the broad Internet. The network is established by people setting up a WiFi router at their window sill and thus making Freifunk available.

Here at this website you will get to know our Freifunk goal and why it is a good idea to join us.

Get to know Freifunk

Join and be part of Freifunk

On our website there are detailed instructions to help you set up you first own Freifunk router.

Which router?

How does that work?

Do you have questions on Freifunk? You need help with the devices and technology behind and you are looking for a contact person? Maybe our Frequently Asked Questions can help!

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Freifunk Bodensee

Freifunk is an initiative for free communication in digital networks. We establish publicly available, non-commercial networks that are owned by the society and that are free of censorship or filters.

Freifunk is a decentralized, independent community network with access to the Internet.
Everyone can connect to the WiFi network - without password, without registration. Everyone can use, join or participate in Freifunk.

Free wireless networks are set up and maintained by you and us autonomously. Every person sets up a WiFi router for the data transfer of others. That way we create a free infrastructure. For everyone.

Freifunk is a non-commercial initiative for free wireless networks.

Join us. And share you network with your fellows.

How does Freifunk work?

In this 87 second video, Lisa explains what Freifunk is and how it works (German).

Creative Commons License

Philipp Seefeldt, Silke Meyer, Sven Heinze, Jürgen Neumann, Anne Helm, Thomas Deitterti

  • Freifunk Firmware

    You will need a router firmware especially developed for Freifunk in order to make it become a Freifunk router.

    Firmware DownloadInstructions: Flashing the Router
  • Map

    The map (Meshviewer/Freifunk Map) shows you numerous Freifunk router that belong to the Freifunk Bodensee network.